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19 - 22 April 2007 Helsinki Fair Centre | Spring Garden fair is the biggest and most popular horticultural fair in Finland. Until now it has been arranged for seven times, every second year.

Spring Garden is one of the most awaited fair in the Helsinki Fair Centre, as it brings along a wide, flourishing decoration with its tens of thousands of bulb flowers. In the beginning of April the Spring and Summer is just about to begin in Finland. Last time Spring Garden had 197 exhibitors. Over 67,000 visitors came to this fair to get ideas, search for information, buy new handy products and sense a unique feeling of a gardening fair.

In 2007 the visitors can see, with the same ticket, three other fairs as well. OwnCabin 07 is a highly popular fair about leisure time living, Own Home 07 offers a good range of products and services for those planning to build or renovate their own house, and Housing Markets 07 focuses on apartment building, selling, ownership, renting and other modes of exchange and financing.
The Finnish Fair Corporation
Spring Garden 07
P.O.Box 21, FI-00521 Helsinki, FINLAND
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