The Cattleyas and Their Relatives

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The Cattleyas and Their Relatives: The Debatable Epidendrums

The Debatable Epidendrums | In this supplement to his celebrated series of books on the Cattleya alliance of orchids, Carl Withner joins with Patricia Harding to explore "the debatable epidendrums." Carl Linnaeus established the genus Epidendrum in 1753 to include the mostly epiphytic orchid plants being sent to him from tropical America. Over time the genus grew to include more than 1000 species of evergreen epiphytic, lithophytic, or terrestrial orchids.

Some of these epidendrums were transferred to other genera. Others have yet to be divided into natural subgroups, which could be split off into their own genera. A portion of these remaining epidendrums, those with pseudobulbs, are the focus of this volume. This book is certain to be of use to hobbyists, collectors, and growers alike.

Author: Carl L. Withner, Patricia A. Harding,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2004-05-01
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