Planting the Natural Garden

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Planting the Natural Garden

Following on the success of Designing with Plants and Dream Plants for the Natural Garden, Piet Oudolf's landmark first book (co-authored by Henk Gerritsen), is now available in English. Thoroughly updated and revised, including several new chapters and many new photographs, it provides the definitive argument for the "natural garden." This updated edition of the book that started the "Dutch Wave," a movement that is now sweeping gardens from Europe to North America, shows how to plant a garden that can look wild but be tame at heart.

Hundreds of eye-catching plant combinations are explained in detail and provide ideas for every garden. The authors emphasize how gardeners can create moods and emotional responses with the deft use of themed plants. Foolproof lists and instructions for placing specific plants in particular garden habitats are included, as well as complete growing requirements. As ethereal, even lyrical, as these gardens and plants can seem to the eye, it is important to recognize that Oudolf and Gerritsen have chosen their plants for hardiness and suitability for garden habitats. These are tough plants that do not need to be pampered or coddled. The popularity of the "Dutch Wave," from England's Chelsea Garden Show to the healing garden at New York's World Trade Center has as much to do with the reliability and sturdiness of the plants as it does to their beauty and grace.

Author: Piet Oudolf, Henk Gerritsen,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2003-11-01
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