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Tropical and Subtropical Trees (4825 readers)
Contributed by amazon 07.05. 2007 11:42:04 Topic: Other / Books

An Encyclopedia | This exhaustive, lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopedia describes tropical and subtropical trees by their specific attributes and profiles, such as color, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, or fruit. It also includes a collection of useful quick-reference checklists that help gardeners, designers, and planners to choose appropriate species for specific uses and conditions. Useful summary boxes for every species cover details such as growth habits, light and shade requirements, to ...

Tropical Ornamentals (4131 readers)
Contributed by amazon 14.04. 2007 11:59:48 Topic: Other / Books

This guide covers more than 400 of the most commonly cultivated ornamental plants found in the tropics, identified and beautifully photographed by an expert in tropical botany. ...

Passiflora mollissima - Banana Passion Flower (13408 readers)
Contributed by amazon 30.06. 2007 10:23:12 Topic: Plants / Climber Plants

Banana Passion Fruit (Passiflora mollissima). A yellow, oval shaped passion fruit with bright yellow skin and orange pulp. Pulp is edible and very tasty. Often used in juice making. ...

Pimenta dioica - allspice, pimento, Jamaica pepper Allspice (7655 readers)
Contributed by amazon 26.06. 2007 12:50:19 Topic: Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

(Pimenta dioica) also known as Jamaica Pepper or Pimento is a medium sized tree producing small purple berries that contain one or two large seeds that are the allspice of commerce. Leaves and bark also contain the allspice scent. ...

Mespilus germanica - common medlar (12730 readers)
Contributed by abies 06.09. 2011 11:22:52 Topic: Plants / Fruit woods Match on Article's text

The Common Medlar is a large shrub or small tree. In Middle Europe it grows up to 3 m tall. It has luxuriant dark green foliage, elliptic, 8–15 cm long and 3–4 cm wide. The leaves turn a spectacular red in autumn before falling. The five-petalled white or pinkish flowers are produced in from May to June. ...

Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri' - Asparagus Fern (10437 readers)
Contributed by amazon 20.05. 2007 19:15:04 Topic: Plants / Ferns Match on Article's text

Form: mounding, spreading or trailing clump with delicate appearance Seasonality: evergreen perennial Size: 12-24in, spread to 3ft; rapid growth Leaves: delicate needlelike leaves, ferny; tiny thorns present despite soft appearance of plant; foliage is bright green or yellow green Flowers: small waxy white flowers scattered throughout plant; not conspicuous; sporadic blooming Fruit: small red berries, 1/4in in diameter Stems/Trunks: green branches, arching or cascading appearance; sprawls Range/ ...

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