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Pterocarya fraxinifolia - wing nut (14386 readers)
Contributed by havlis 12.03. 2008 13:09:02 Topic: Plants / Deciduous Trees Match on Article's text

From Caucasus and Northern Iran comes one of my absolutely top favourites – wing nut. Its large leaves, fruit and monumental statue predetermine this tree to become the most significant feature of any large garden or a park. ...

Mespilus germanica - common medlar (12730 readers)
Contributed by abies 06.09. 2011 11:22:52 Topic: Plants / Fruit woods Match on Article's text

The Common Medlar is a large shrub or small tree. In Middle Europe it grows up to 3 m tall. It has luxuriant dark green foliage, elliptic, 8–15 cm long and 3–4 cm wide. The leaves turn a spectacular red in autumn before falling. The five-petalled white or pinkish flowers are produced in from May to June. ...

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