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Marijuana Garden Saver (4533 readers)
Contributed by amazon 08.07. 2007 10:30:34 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title and Article's text

Handbook for Healthy Plants | Using over 150 full-color photos, this book provides step-by-step solutions to the common problems that the marijuana gardener faces. Written by a veteran marijuana-grower, this book provides information in a clear, concise format. The solutions in here were originally written for an Internet audience, so they are formatted to be consumed quickly. Highly visual with easy-to-follow instructions, this book is just the thing for growers who want immediate solutions to ...

Marijuana Pest and Disease Control (8305 readers)
Contributed by amazon 14.09. 2007 09:20:52 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title and Article's text

Pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies threaten the vitality of both indoor and outdoor cannabis crops. This invaluable reference describes how to prevent and eliminate problems using organic and integrated pest management techniques appropriate for ingestible plants. Over 200 color photographs and extensive illustrations help readers easily identify problems, while a multilevel index and reference system allows them to quickly locate solutions to specific problems. Expert advice on healthy ...

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