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Floral Basics (3487 readers)
Contributed by amazon 14.01. 2008 12:30:29 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title

No one who wants to explore the world of floristry can do without the basics. They are even more essential for those who want to experiment. This handy book contains eleven basic techniques that every florist just has to master. All of these techniques are explained by master florist and teacher Gudrun Cottenier and explained in step-by-step instructions. Every technique comes with four or five compositions that show the possible variants on each theme. An indispensable manual for every hobby fl ...

Garden to Vase (5216 readers)
Contributed by amazon 04.04. 2007 10:23:05 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title

As an accomplished gardener and professional florist, Linda Beutler offers unique insights into creating inspired floral arrangements and growing the plants that go into them. Among the topics that Beutler discusses are the philosophy of floral design; making creative use of plants youre already growing; techniques of harvesting and preparing cut flowers; bouquet basics; and creating arrangements for special occasions. ...

Easy Flowers (5170 readers)
Contributed by amazon 18.07. 2007 10:15:19 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title

Florist Jane Durbridge and writer Antonia Swinson bring you elegantly modern, unfussy arrangements to enjoy every day--from a touch of colour to brighten a desk to suggestions for stylish entertaining and floral gifts. Easy Flowers are affordable, stylish, and quick to put together. The emphasis is on striking use of form and colour rather than on costly blooms or time-consuming bouquets. Flower Basics tells you how to buy, care for, and prolong the life of your flowers, and gives invaluable adv ...

New Complete Guide to Gardening (6312 readers)
Contributed by amazon 12.09. 2006 11:20:09 Topic: Other / Books Match on Title

If youre in the market for an all-around garden guide to get you primed for the planting season, this beautiful, well-organized book will meet all your needs. The covers floral effusion will brighten your coffee table, and inside youll find what you need to get started or to grow in your gardening. A guide should be quick and easy to use, and this one is: bold text is sprinkled throughout the index, helping you find your desired topic, and within the chapters, section headings jump right out. ...

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