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Campsis radicans - trumpet creeper (18479 readers)
Contributed by havlis 12.08. 2011 10:26:40 Topic: Plants / Trees and Shrubs

Campsis radicans - tree form This is the species of north-american trumpet creeper trained into a tree with a real stem. It bears terminal cymes of rich red, trumpet-shaped flowers from early summer until the first frosts. Pinnate leaves are deep green and enhance its tropical appearance. ...

Acer palmatum ('Crispifolium') 'Shishigashira' - japanese maple (14160 readers)
Contributed by havlis 06.07. 2011 18:26:38 Topic: Plants / Trees and Shrubs

Japanese maples are the „créme de la créme“ of every garden. A majestic looking tree needs no pruning at all and we recommend to let it form its own shape. ...

Acer palmatum 'Atrolineare' - Japanese Maple (20485 readers)
Contributed by amazon 17.07. 2008 10:53:11 Topic: Plants / Trees and Shrubs

Small, slow, narrow tree whose deeply divided leaves appear string-like. New growth is purple-red. Autumn colors are usually a good yellow. Growth habit is upright, opposed to the dome topped cultivars Red Pigmy and Villa Taranto. Exquisite and unique form of the Japanese Maple. ...

Chionanthus virginicus - fringe treefringe tree, old man´s beard (9633 readers)
Contributed by havlis 07.06. 2008 07:08:21 Topic: Plants / Trees and Shrubs

Fringe tree is a very rare and beautiful small shrub or small tree. In early summer it has profusion of upto 20 cm long pendent panicles of fragrant, shiny snow-white, narrow flowers, turning to bluish black berries. Mid to deep green opposite leaves are elliptic and glossy. Fringe tree grows slowly, about 3m tall and wide. ...