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Rosa nutkana - Nootka Rose, Nutka Rose (10447 readers)
Contributed by amazon 25.05. 2011 13:12:46 Topic: Plants / Roses

Synonym: Rosa nutkanaensis Rosa nutkana also named Nootka rose or Wild rose comes from the Cinnamomeae family. It is native of Western North America. Rosa nutkana is a deciduous, woody shrub that grows up to 10ft and 4ft. wide. ...

Rosa 'Dark Red' - rose (185040 readers)
Contributed by havlis 04.08. 2008 11:52:05 Topic: Plants / Roses

Dark Red is a patio/polyantha rose (the botanists are in disagreement as far as naming the groups). It has double flowers of velvet-like deep red colour. These roses are low maintenance but still breathtaking, low, cluster-flowered shrubs. They bloom from end spring in several phases until the frosts. In mild winters they can have buds and occasional flowers yet in December. ...

Rosa 'Mundi' - shrub rose (17843 readers)
Contributed by havlis 17.03. 2008 10:51:32 Topic: Plants / Roses

A sport from Officinalis and an equally good shrub but with crimson flowers, striped with white. A very showy plant, giving a wonderful effect in the garden. Will form a very good low hedge. Non-repeating. ...

Rosa 'Falstaff Climbing' - climbing rose (34677 readers)
Contributed by havlis 17.03. 2008 10:46:33 Topic: Plants / Roses

Large, cupped, full-petalled flowers of rich, dark crimson, eventually turning to a most pleasing shade of rich purple. Powerful Old Rose fragrance. Makes a striking climber of 6 ft - 8ft. ...

Rosa 'Complicata' - shrub rose (13722 readers)
Contributed by havlis 17.03. 2008 10:43:03 Topic: Plants / Roses

This rose, which is probably a Canina/Gallica hybrid, has flowers about five inches across, of the most brilliant pure rose-pink, with a large boss of stamens. It is very robust, reliable and free flowering and may even be grown as a climber. It is one of the finest single roses and one of the best shrub roses for general cultivation. ...

Rosa 'Red Masterpiece' - rose (17631 readers)
Contributed by amazon 04.06. 2007 08:44:16 Topic: Plants / Roses

Red Masterpiece is a Hybrid Tea (long, narrow high-center buds on long stems) type rose. The hefty fragrance and profusion of dark crimson blooms make it excellent for arrangements. The bush is a medium to tall grower, and is resistant to black spot and mildew. Roses prefer a sunny location with rich, slightly acidic, well drained soil. ...

Steps to rose gardening success (9050 readers)
Contributed by flower-gardening-m-e 25.09. 2006 08:55:14 Topic: Plants / Roses

Rose gardening has its own special mystique. Few perennials or flowering shrubs give you so many wonderful blooms soon after planting or have as long a period of bloom. And, best of all, hardy roses will come back year after year. Gardeners the world over are smitten by the allure of roses, but many people think of roses as elegant but demanding, and hard-to-grow garden prima donnas. ...