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Plants: Rosa 'Complicata' - shrub rose

Posted by havlis 17.03. 2008 10:43:03 (13711 readers)
Rosa 'Complicata' - shrub rose

Rosa 'Complicata' - shrub rose

This rose, which is probably a Canina/Gallica hybrid, has flowers about five inches across, of the most brilliant pure rose-pink, with a large boss of stamens. It is very robust, reliable and free flowering and may even be grown as a climber. It is one of the finest single roses and one of the best shrub roses for general cultivation.

Planting instructions: Prepare a hole of size 30x30 cm. Put your rose in the way that the grafting point is 3 cm deep in the soil. Water well and cover new shoots with soil or bark mulch about 15 cm high. Roses tolerate wide range of soils but thrive in deep, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, in full sun.

Pruning: before winter you can cut the branches to half and in the spring cut them back to the height of 3-5 live buds. Thus you can be sure that all branches will be fresh and fully leafed. If you want a tall shrub just cut off frozen ends and leave only strong branches. To support extra flowering during the season remove twigs past blossom: cut them off the first leaf with 5 bracts. Mulch well before winter.
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