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Plants: Caladium bicolor 'Aaron' - Fancy Leafed Caladium

Posted by amazon 07.07. 2007 11:05:18 (16006 readers)
Caladium bicolor 'Aaron' - Fancy Leafed Caladium

Caladium bicolor 'Aaron' - Fancy Leafed Caladium

Frosty white with green edges. Fancy Leafed Caladiums are very showy foliage plants with bright red, pink, green and white variegated leaves. You'll enjoy these South American beauties with heart shaped, rainbow colored leaves...prettier than most flowers.

Pot early indoors with a starting temperature of 70° or more, then plant them, pot and all, outdoors in the shade or semi-shade after spring frosts. Or, plant them in shady window boxes where sun loving annuals won't grow. Water well and spray leaves frequently during hot, dry weather. Excelllent for conservatory or warm sun porch during winter.

Hardiness Zone: 10-11: elsewhere, before frost, did, dry and store in a warm, dry frost-free place.
Height: 12 - 22 Inches
Months of Bloom: July - Frost
Light: Partial Sun

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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